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Then I Built My Own App

One of the things I wanted to do once I resigned from the Agency was to learn how to build an app. For various reasons, I didn’t get to it until years later. I began by taking some online classes to learn certain computer languages. Then I began building the app. I settled on a cooking app full of recipes that I make all the time. I have to say, I never cooked when I was having fun in my former life – in fact, a prerequisite for a guy hanging out with me was to be a good cook. I NEVER cooked. But I did learn a lot from some very skilled chefs. And, eventually, I realized that I liked cooking – it’s a form of creative expression and you know I love that!

My app, Cooking in the CIA, can be found in the App Store. I personally use it all the time!

You can also check out my cooking channel on YouTube where you can see short clips of the food being made.

Another CIA Co-Worker as Muse….

After the sometimes agonizing process of inventing/creating and manufacturing a physical product, I needed to get back to writing – it’s much easier!

One of my other former colleagues at the CIA was the perfect inspiration – with his backstabbing and douchebaggery – he stuck out in my mind as the perfect lead character for the next in the Mingling in the CIA series. With that, Bloud was born!

In this installment readers continue to get a disturbing view into the daily life of the officers in America’s premier spy agency. Before the swamp was called the swamp, Bloud personified the cheating and fraud inherent in the bloated bureaucracies of the U.S. government. Don’t worry, it’s a fun ride though!

Getting Back To Full-Length Books

Around the same time that I was writing Annie Goes Overseas, part of the Mingling in the CIA series, I also began writing my next full-length book. I say “full-length”, but in my typical short-attention-span-style, it is a fairly short book. Mission: Stand Down is a true-to-life spy thriller and ended up being the hardest to get approved by the CIA’s Publication Review Board. In the end, it was highly-redacted, even though it is fiction. I like to think the black lines give it character though, and I believe it is my best book yet!