Ambassador/Affiliate Programs

Shelly Mateer is a referral agent for RanMarine’s plastic gobbling, ocean saving, water drones- the WasteShark, TenderShark, and the MegaShark! Contact Shelly if you are interested in getting one for your community.

Would you like to have unfiltered access to news across the globe, in any language, translatable into English with just one click? Then OpsLens WorldView is for you. Use coupon code Shelly10% to get a discount and a 30 day free trial on all plans.

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Contact Zai to arrange your island adventure!Your Partner Travel Concierge Awaits!

Zai is an ambassador to the Dominican Republic. She designs and hosts getaways to the most secluded retreats ever seen. Let her take you to explore the finest gems, stunning sunrises and sunsets, pristine sand beaches, and indulge in the culture of pure paradise.

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