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Got Bored Kids This Summer?

Do you have bored kids at home this summer?  Try out the Shelly Beach Portal!  Kid-tested coloring sheets created by artist Paul Sewell will keep your youngest children busy while informative downloadable documents will teach the older kids all about their favorite ocean creatures. Animations (also created by Paul) will bring them into the magical world of The Adventures of Shelly Beach, while fun printables will entice them to learn more!

Sign up today!  Try it out for a month for only $3.99.

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Miracle the manatee coloring sheet


The Shelly Beach Portal is LIVE!!

I’m not big on being dramatic, but I believe in telling the truth, and I don’t hide much…  But as I sit on the eve of a horrible (it sounds horrible) lymph node procedure which is on the eve of my (even more horrible sounding) unilateral mastectomy, I wanted to share something before I go under.

About ten months ago I began work on a section of my website, a portal, where kids can learn about the sea creatures in The Adventures of Shelly Beach series. I wanted a way to bring the characters in the books to my site, in a fun way that kids (and adults) could learn about these creatures that many do not have the opportunity to see firsthand, out in the wild. I also wanted to offer educational downloadable material for parents and students who want to learn, and even coloring pages for the youngest kids.

I added real-life videos of some of the sea creatures as well as photos of them in the wild. To make it even more appealing, my illustrator, Paul Sewell, created some animations for me, straight from my books!

This portal is able to grow and expand to add more creatures and information as well as new characters as the stories progress.

It’s been a fun project and I hope to continue it for years to come. I hope it can help teach people about ocean life and feed imaginations at the same time.

I’m offering two subscriptions: a monthly fee of $3.99 and an annual fee of $39.99. With that fee, subscribers can access the portal any time and explore the magical world of Shelly Beach!

I hope it offers something to kids and adults.  Have fun! See you on the other side!!

Sign Up For The Shelly Beach Portal
Sign Up For The Shelly Beach Portal