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The Proof That Parenting Makes You Insane

After my first children’s picture book, Mommy Thinks She’s a Monster, I discovered a company called Amuse. You see, I had all these crazy songs that I would “sing” to my kids when they were babies, and they were all recorded on my phone. They were all comical and made the kids laugh. What would happen if I released an album of them? Well, I would soon find out.
Amuse is great, and allows people to release their music and keep 100% of their royalties. Being as into passive income streams as I am, it was the perfect match for me.
Mommy’s Gone Mad! was born!

You can listen to it on Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Napster and more! It’s everywhere!
I surprised my husband with it for Christmas and I’m sure he was horrified. With tracks like I See Your Boogie and Pee On The Potty, it’s sure to be relatable to anyone who spends time with small children. As I see it, if it entertains just one child, or makes one frazzled parent laugh, I have done my job. Plus, my kids love it – they still play the songs and crack up every time.
And, I didn’t stop there. I also released Mommy’s Gone Mad! The Lost Tracks and three music singles that go along with some of my CIA-themed books.
One thing is for sure, my kids will be able to look back on their crazy Mom and laugh, plus receive royalties for the rest of their lives – as they should – after all, they inspired the lunacy.

Life After The Agency

What does a former CIA officer do once she’s no longer a CIA officer and has a family of her own? She writes multiple CIA-inspired books, invents a baby product, goes crazy with a music album (followed by releasing singles), builds an app and writes children’s picture books, of course!

BurpMitt® products consist of super-absorbent, organic cotton products for baby and home. Mommy’s Gone Mad! is a comical music album for small children and parents of small children. The children’s album led to working on some more adult music singles. Cooking in the CIA is an app with recipes learned from years of entertaining and world travel.

If you would like to purchase a BurpMitt® product, you can find them on Amazon.

Cooking in the CIA is available on the App Store.

Mommy’s Gone Mad! (as well as the other singles) is/are on Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Napster and more!

As always, thank you for helping me support my family by purchasing any of my products!

My Music!

Over the past few months I’ve become a rockstar! I now have three singles out – in addition to my children’s music album released last year. Each of my songs goes along with one of my books — see if you can figure out which book goes with which song!

These songs are streaming on Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Napster, Apple Music/iTunes and more!