A World View on News?

I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of sick of not hearing about what is happening across the globe – actual news – and have wondered many times, what can be done? Can a service be created that allows the every day person to access news, without Google’s censorship, in every country, in THEIR languages (not some US talking head’s opinion), so that people can feel aware of what is happening in the world?

The answer is YES! OpsLens Media now offers a subscription service called OpsLens WorldView on our website. For a minimal fee, subscribers have access to:

*70K news sites with 800-900K articles per day

*1.3M blog posts per day from 20M active blogs

*15M messages per day from message boards across the globe from 355K sites

*Collection in all languages. That means you will see the news in ALL languages, and with one click, you can translate the articles into English.

Amazing, right?

We are building this plane while we fly it. We will be adding capabilities and we welcome feedback. I personally would have loved this service when I was applying to the CIA. It would have been nice to have some knowledge in addition to Sacramento tomato crop statistics at that time. I would have been a MUCH better candidate.

Plus, I’ve always been a global thinker. I believe travel and learning about other countries is only beneficial to people. Putting yourself in a completely different environment and living there (if possible) is the BEST learning experience you can have. It’s also the BEST way to learn a new language. This can only help people with perspectives.

Check it out, it’s called OpsLens WorldView. You can choose from 3 very affordable plans and you won’t regret it. Plus you get a 5 day free trial to test it out. Use my code shelly10% to get a discount. It helps my family too, and we appreciate every cent. You may be amazed at how quick kids grow and the cost to simply buy new clothes, let alone groceries (I’m sure you know).

I love to search different locations and then translate the articles from Farsi, Arabic, Tagalog, Urdu, Mandarin, you name it, and see what is REALLY going on in those countries. I’ve always been an anthropology and language geek, (after all , I used to sit and read encyclopedias as a child), but I know that’s not everyone. So, if nothing else, you get a broad view and you can compare it to what you see every day.

Pick your plan here.