A Dancing Guy in a Doughnut Suit?

As a kid, I always loved writing. I wrote stories, I lived in my own little fantasy world. As a teenager, I excelled at writing papers where my imagination and strong opinions could shine through. All through my youth I loved reading books that allowed my brain to experience a different world.

Then, as an adult, I chose a career where creativity was used only in crafting whichever lie you would tell next. I went to work for the CIA, where I learned to write in “cable-ese”. I didn’t read many books for fun. I had to censor most of what I wrote or said to anyone.

After nearly a decade of having my creativity squashed, my writing stifled by the robotic tone necessary for cable writing, my creative writing ability is slowly emerging from a deep slumber.

The awakening of my creativity begins with my newest book, Mingling in the CIA: Annie, just released this week. As I enter into writing fiction, influenced by my experiences and people that I met in the Central Intelligence Agency, I truly am having fun seeing life through Annie’s eyes!

I think you will too.

Annie is not only available on Amazon. It is also available on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes, and more!