Good Riddance and on to The Good Life…

One of the perks of being a moderately successful author is that I now have my very own Feng Shui consultant to assist in the remodel of our home!
Sharon, from The Good Life Feng Shui, has an article in Pathways magazine December edition, and one of my favorite passages highlights the benefits of Feng Shui, pointing out ways that you can spend more time doing what serves your higher good and waste fewer resources on things and activities (and people) that add nothing to your life. Who doesn’t want to learn how to do that in the New Year?
Sharon is an inspiring speaker, with a wonderful spirit. She teaches that Feng Shui encourages a life of infinite possibilities and that magic DOES happen. And… She shares the secret that sometimes that magic is YOU!

Sharon’s book recommendation:

For further information Sharon can be contacted at (508) 280-9570 or [email protected].