Creative Block

I have just submitted my latest work to the CIA’s Publication Review Board for approval. The first of an e-series, begun while I was pregnant for the second time. It seems pregnancy brings out my creativity. Even though I had a miscarriage, the story went on to completion. And I only mention my miscarriage because so few do, and I feel it is important to talk about.

I’m very excited to be writing more creative non-fiction this time around! I thought my creative writing skills had gone to waste, squashed permanently by working for the CIA for eight years, but I think I am gradually getting some of it back. You see, when you work for the CIA you learn to write like a robot – you HAVE to write that way – with as little personality as possible.

As a child I used to love writing stories. Now I feel as if that part of me is waking up from a very long slumber. What a thrill to see the characters come to life and make me laugh!

I have finally found a job that I love.