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About the Author:
Shelly Mateer is a former CIA officer-turned-Mom. In a previous life, she attended the University of California, Davis where she earned a degree in international relations. Shelly grew up in various U.S. locations and overseas. When she is not entertaining her two young children, she spends her time writing stories influenced by her time working for the CIA. Her first book, Single in the CIA, is a comical memoir of her life in the National Clandestine Service (or Directorate of Operations) of the Central Intelligence Agency. Her new series, Mingling in the CIA, is a humorous introduction to the “cast of characters” at the CIA, and begins with a journey into the life of Annie, a dimwitted backstabber.
As part of Shelly’s personal branding experiment, she has written an eBook entitled Self-Publishing For Moms. Download your free copy here!
Shelly currently resides in Southern California with her husband and two small children.

Mission: Stand Down

Shelly’s first full-length book since Single in the CIA, Mission: Stand Down is a sizzling spy thriller full of humor, and her most controversial book yet.
Jay is a covert officer in the post-9/11 Central Intelligence Agency. Risking his life on a perilous mission of high importance to the CIA, he is a rare breed in the culture of bureaucratic stagnancy that the Agency has become. Under cover in a hostile environment, he stumbles upon weapons transactions that should be of interest to the intelligence community and even manages to sustain a love life. He accomplishes tasks of which few in the Agency could even dream.
When he gets called for an interview with the Secret Police, he begins to question not only his choice of career, but his blind loyalty to the Agency – the Agency that has put his life in danger on more than one occasion.

Kudos for Single in the CIA:

No holds barred, precisely the commentary I’ve heard from others in similar situations. Thank you for who you are and being a role model for others to include our 14 year old daughter. Much appreciated.

— Anonymous Reader

I will say it took courage to do what you did. Sort of like charging a machine gun nest. After the first step it’s too late to back out.

— Frank Boccia, Author

Thank you so much for being brave enough to show the world this view. You have done society a service with your pen!

— Anonymous Reader

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Books by Shelly Mateer:

Single in the CIA

Mingling in the CIA: Observations of an Underdog

Mingling in the CIA: Annie

Mingling in the CIA: Annie Goes Overseas

For excerpts from Single in the CIA and the Mingling in the CIA series, please visit the Blog page.

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