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Are you ready to Mingle?

The first installment of my new series Mingling in the CIA: Observations of an Underdog is now available on Amazon! It is perfect for short attention spans, but also serves as an introduction to what is to come in 2016. I am bringing the characters to life in my next book, which is already about half way done.
As always, thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of my work, it means a lot to me. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

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Getting into the Christmas Spirit….

Getting into the Christmas spirit, watching the Nelteer family tradition, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation… I wanted to read some warm, fuzzy Christmas stuff…
I recently discovered Kindle Short Reads. They are perfect for the person who has very little time to read, or simply just the person with a short attention span. Short Reads can be read in a time span from 15 minutes to up to 2 hours or more. The page count for a Kindle Short Read is from 1 to 100 pages.
I chose to read two charming little stories by Bobby Hutchinson. You can check out my reviews of Snow Kissed Christmas and Carol’s Christmas on the Book Reviews page.

I also have a selfish reason for looking into Kindle Short Reads… I have been working on a series, and the first installment in the series will be coming out very soon. It is sort of an introduction to what is to come, and I’m really excited about it; 2016 is shaping up to be a great year!
Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season and abundance in the New Year!

And, by the way, you don’t have to have a Kindle to read a Kindle Short Read. Just download the free Kindle reading app here: